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The second edition of Capita Selecta in Complex Disease Analysis takes place in Liège on 30-31 May, 1 June 2012. The focus of CSCDA2012 is on next generation sequencing analysis and multi-omics.

As the number of sequencing efforts increases, researchers are confronted with new standardization and quality control procedures prior to analysis. At the same time, an increasing number of biological and non-biological data emerge. These often heterogeneous data resources offer additional challenges when adopting an integrative or systems biology view to complex disease analysis. Food for thought in CSCDA2012!

CSCDA2012 is composed of two parts:

  • Short courses by invited lecturers on next generation sequencing analysis and pathway interaction analysis (May 30).
  • A series of high level seminars by invited keynote speakers and selected contributions (May 31 - June 1). The emphasis is on creating an interdisciplinary forum, where interaction between participants and invited speakers is stimulated.